About Us

Second Chance Reentry, Inc. (SCR), is a virtual community space for anyone seeking reentry-specific resources and information.  SCR was created by and for individuals personally impacted by mass incarceration, we come from a place of intimate understanding, and we have firsthand experience with the challenges of reintegration after incarceration.

Second Chance Reentry’s ‘open-door’ policy is intentional, we seek to deliver a democratic process within our leadership structure so constituents feel welcomed, valued, and empowered to increase their ability to engage in a movement for social change, thus, gaining autonomy and, more importantly, breaking the cycle of recidivism. Due to this dynamic, we are empowered to create a social movement to shift the traditional narrative that formerly incarcerated individuals are useless, or without redemption.


History: SCR was founded in 2009, by a prison practitioner, an inmate, and a medical discharge nurse, impassioned by their experiences at the Nassau Correctional Facility, joined forces to address the lack of reentry specific services and housing support available for individuals released from jails on Long Island. Developed primarily in response to a failing healthcare system within the Nassau County Jail, the lack of adequate discharge coordination and planning services for inmates awaiting release, our founders decided that real change needed to happen, and raising awareness would be the first step.  In 2009, the organization collaborated with Mount Sinai School of Medicine to conduct healthcare symposiums to educate providers about the emerging needs of HIV and Hepatitis C positive inmates released into the Long Island community.  SCR facilitated three successful symposiums, attended by over 80 physicians, nurses, social workers, and other community service providers from Long Island.

Today: Our vision is that together we can build a world in which the systemic barriers of criminalization, and the stigma of incarceration have been destroyed, so that formerly imprisoned individuals are truly have a second chance to participate in their communities and contribute to society.  We advocate for an impartial justice system, ending mass incarceration of communities of color, and to raise awareness about the social and economic disparities facing formerly incarcerated individuals in NY.  We continue to advocate for individuals housed in county jails, because the harsh reality is that 3 months in jail can be just as debilitating as serving a three-year sentence in a State facility.

We welcome community feedback and suggestions. Please use our Contact Us page to tell us what we’re doing right or what we can improve on.