FIIRE Application

  • FIIRE Workshop Participant Agreement

    Thank you for applying for a spot in the FIIRE (Formerly Incarcerated Individuals Redefine Equity) Leadership Development Program. This training was created by and for formerly incarcerated individuals and is designed to mentor our peers to become community leaders through education, civil engagement, and base-building activities. This agreement outlines some basic requirements to participate in the workshop.
  • Agree to be punctual for every workshop, logging in on Zoom past 10min will not be allowed to participate in that week’s workshop. If you miss 2 consecutive workshops you can no longer participate program, if you communicate that you have an emergency situation we will work with you.
  • Agree to be respectful of other people's race, ethnicity, cultures, beliefs, religions, and sexual and gender identities. Hate speech will not be tolerated.
  • Agree to abide by the confidentiality clause asking that we not share anything that is disclosed during the workshop outside of this space
  • Agree to come prepared to each class having read any articles, and completed assignments (when applicable).
  • Agree to be an active participant and listeners during the workshop, and bring your A-game!

Thank you for filling out this application. We will be reaching out to your shortly